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Named for my mother's fight with Congestive Heart Failure, Brave Heart was established to memorialize her bravery, spirit, and her will to live, even when her heart wasn’t always strong enough to do so. It also represents my own journey with cancer and how I continue to navigate this thing called life by incorporating holistic and spiritual modalities and practices for my own growth and self care. 

Brave Heart's mission is to provide underserved communities with experiences and exposure to holistic healing, healthy habits, lifestyle changes, self care, community and a good time! Brave Heart Health Coaching specializes in curating resources and services that evoke the co-creation of change, self-discovery, self-discipline, and self-awareness within clients throughout their health and wellness journey. With their new found clarity and heightened awareness of self, clients are equipped with the necessary tools to do the work required of them to reflect. Together, we'll dig up the root of what's eating you and get to the core of what you truly crave from life!

Come as you are! All spiritual gangstas and thug tears are welcome in this community. 

Brave Heart Health does not only focus on coaching. Here, you'll find high-quality products and tools to assist you wherever you may be on your journey. Check it out for yourself!

Brave Heart Health Coaching services are not to be used as a replacement for therapy, or counseling. Please consult with a physician for any serious ailments or diseases.

A Heart to Heart: About Us


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Remain in your integrity- honestly, openly, and transparently.

Do what you love, and love what you do - unapologetically!

Live each day with the freedom, and vulnerability to choose what’s right for you.

Build support systems, relationships, genuine connections, and collaborations that align with your intentions.

Take the time to reflect, record, and reinvent!

Change your story...change your life.

Don’t fit in, when you can fit out! 

Hold yourself accountable for creating balance in all areas of life.

Contribute to building a community of mutual respect and support.

No shortcuts - All healing and learning takes time, effort, patience, open-mindedness, and authenticity. 

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