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Examining Crops


Brave Heart Health Coaching services are not to be used as a replacement for therapy, or counseling. Please consult with a physician for any serious ailments or diseases.

Ayesha Muhammad

I recently had the opportunity to work with Coach Shan for a Cord Cutting Session through the Wake Up Everybody Virtual Series. I initially was apprehensive due to the fact that we were Live on Facebook and Zoom with people I didn't know, but that feeling quickly faded as Coach Shan and the community held high vibrations and space for the process. 

During the session, there were many emotional moments triggered by past trauma. Coach Shan's calm and friendly voice coupled with her firm and direct coaching helped to move major blockage from my life -instantly! I could feel the weight lifted off of me during the guided meditations while I experienced complete covering and support through the entire session.

It has been about a month and I am still experiencing breakthroughs in my life including reconnecting in a healthy way with my family. The follow up calls were the icing on that cake as I received additional support and guidance on the next best steps to support my healing.

I highly recommend attending her session to support you in your journey.

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